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Why Does Camp Jewell Only Offer 2 Week Programs?


As a parent you want to ensure that your child has the best experience possible at camp. One frequent question we get from parents is whether we offer one-week sessions, and that question is quickly followed by, what is the right length to attend camp? The simplest answer for why we only offer 2-week sessions

Why Does Camp Jewell Only Offer 2 Week Programs?2023-02-09T11:18:16-05:00

Picking the right summer camp


With hundreds of different summer camp programs to choose from we know it can seem daunting on how to make the right choice for both you, your family, and most importantly your camper(s). Most parents are hoping to make the right choice so that their child(ren) can attend year after year! While we hope you

Picking the right summer camp2022-12-26T21:44:36-05:00

Top 5 reasons to go to camp!


There are so many reasons to send your child to camp this summer but here are our top five! 1. Lifelong skills, and lifelong friendships! Research shows that camp helps children make new friends, get to know kids who are different from them, feel good about themselves and try things that they were afraid to

Top 5 reasons to go to camp!2023-02-15T22:19:15-05:00

Summer Camp Packing List- What to pack for camp!


We know packing for camp can feel daunting sometimes. What will my camper needs, will I pack too little, or too much? Here are some helpful hints and tips for your camp list for packing! Camp is all about having fun outdoors. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you not pack any clothing you would mind

Summer Camp Packing List- What to pack for camp!2023-02-08T14:54:51-05:00

Benefits of Camp


Kids build skills, confidence and character Now more than ever, it’s important for kids to engage with one another face to face, rediscover their sense of adventure and expand the limits of their imagination. And let’s not forget what is most essential for kids these days: fun! Challenges brought on by the pandemic have squashed

Benefits of Camp2023-02-15T22:18:08-05:00

Adoption Camp- Clio Village


Adoption Camp. “Why was my family created differently?” Adopted children, whether adopted internationally, domestically or through foster care, share this same basic question. Though each child’s story is different, many of them face questions like “Who is your real mom? Why did she give you away?” Adopted children need a comfortable, non-judgmental place to try

Adoption Camp- Clio Village2023-02-15T21:37:10-05:00



When Camp Jewell moved to Colebrook, CT in 1955, construction began on our first set of cabins, which still stand to this day. While they have been renovated over the years, the buildings themselves are original, and have each served thousands of people. As we prepare to ready camp for the next 70 years, sadly

REQUIEM FOR A CABIN2022-12-26T21:42:33-05:00