Kids build skills, confidence and character

Summer CampNow more than ever, it’s important for kids to engage with one another face to face, rediscover their sense of adventure and expand the limits of their imagination. And let’s not forget what is most essential for kids these days: fun!

Challenges brought on by the pandemic have squashed the real sense of community and connection that kids normally build through school, youth sports and neighborhood play. Choosing a summer camp that provides those connections and more can feel overwhelming for parents, who want the best for their children in an environment that’s safe and encouraging.

There are plenty of reasons for kids to love Camp Jewell. In a world that can feel intimidating and at times overwhelming for kids and teens, camp offers a chance to make new friends, unearth new skills and rediscover their spirit. With plenty of activities available, kids will find all kinds of new ways to challenge themselves over the course of their time at camp!

Parents especially appreciate the many benefits of Camp Jewell, because in addition to nurturing a sense of community, camp also helps develop independent young leaders. Stimulating games and engaging activities strengthen young minds and bodies, so campers will be occupied and having fun from sunup to sundown. By the time camp ends, all that new experience in teamwork and leadership results in a confidence boost that will carry through to school and many other areas of life.

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