Our Staff

Welcome to the Family

The story of Camp Jewell has always been about its people.  The property and the buildings have changed over the years, and we are always adding new and unique program elements.  But anyone that has been to camp knows that nobody comes back for the Thunder-dome, the Giant Slide, or the Rope Swing.  They come back again and again for the people, the unique community that is reformed each passing season.  The culture of camp is about what it is at its heart, has been passed from generation to generation for over a century.

About Our Credo

“We come together for this short time to live simply, close to nature and closer to each other; that we might renew our respect for the world around us, recommit ourselves to family and friends, and rejoice in God’s love for us all.”

It really is that simple. We are a community built on the principles of Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility. We provide an environment for children to learn and grow, for families to become closer to one-another, and we stand together as a reminder to society of the things most important in life… friends, family, and love.

We invite you, if you haven’t done so already, to join our Camp Family.