Welcome Work Weekend Volunteers

Volunteers are a big part of what makes Camp Jewell so special. Many of our volunteers have a history with Camp Jewell and are driven to give back to camp in recognition of how meaningful their time at camp was as a camper, staff, or guest.

Registering for a Volunteer Work Weekend Cabin gets you a cabin side that houses up to 12 people, activities provided by camp staff for all kids less than 12 years old, evening activities for the family to enjoy together, and all your meals at no charge. In return, adults and kids over 12 years of age donate their physical effort to improve camp during the day. The projects run 9am to noon and again from 1pm to 5pm on Saturday and then we work in the morning on Sunday 9am to noon. There are projects for all ages and ability levels. We try to add something new to camp each weekend. Below is a slideshow of projects accomplished with volunteers.