Family Programs

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Camp for the Entire Family!

Our family programs are designed to share the fun of camp with the entire family! Each year we host eight individual family camps in addition to a variety of other parent-child weekend programs. Our camp was designed as a year-round facility and includes bathrooms and showers within the cabins.

We have a wide variety of programs for every age, we provide all the programming and you can participate in as little, or as much as you would like to do. With Camp Jewell doing all the cooking and cleaning that leaves more time for you to spend quality time together, unplugged and reconnecting!

We are also the ideal location to reunite and celebrate special occasions with your family and friends for a day or for the weekend. Get away from the television, computer, laundry and cell phones to spend quality time together. There are numerous seasonal activities for children of all ages to participate in. The shared living spaces in our cabins provide a place to spend quality time with family and friends playing board games and telling stories by the fire. Meals are provided by the dining services staff so there is no need to stress about preparing a meal for you and your family. Exciting activities are available by request.

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