People often ask us what a typical day at summer camp looks like. To be honest the best thing about camp is there is no such thing as a typical day.

Campers have the opportunity to customize their program each week by signing up for three clinic activities (one of which can be swim instruction). In the afternoon, they head to the waterfront for free swim and cabin activities. Each day concludes with an all camp or village activity and then embers where campers reflect on the day’s experiences. The weekends are host to special all camp activities ranging from carnivals, to Olympics, to our World Series of wiffleball! Plus, there’s time each day for siesta where campers have some quiet time to read a book, hang out with friends, and write letters home!

Daily Schedule

7:00AM The bugle blows—Rise and Shine Campers!
7:40AM Theme of the day
8:00AM Flag Raising
8:15AM A healthy and nutritious breakfast
8:45AM Shared Responsibility—Clean Camp Duties
9AM-10AM  First Skill Clinic
10AM-11AM  Second Skill Clinic
11AM-12PM  Third Skill Clinic
12:15PM Lunchtime

12:45PM Mail Call
1:00PM Siesta Time—a time to relax, write a letter home or take a nap
2:15PM Cabin Challenge Time—age-appropriate and cabin-focused activities
3:15PM Juice Jam at the Trading Post
3:45PM Cabin Swim Time
5:10PM Thunderdome! —Campers gather and share their fun day
5:30PM Dinner
7:00PM Large Group Evening Activity
8:30PM Back to cabins for closing activity— lights out!