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Summer Camp 2015

Summer Camp 2015 is just around the corner, and each year at this time, the staff and counselors of Camp Jewell YMCA are reminded how lucky we are to call this place our home. Camp is more than a job for us—it’s our passion!

This year we are planning our best summer ever! Over the next few months we will be posting more content on this web page on everything that we are excited about for this summer, including who the 2015 Coordinator Staff team members are, which staff are returning, and much, much more!  We hope that you stop by and check out this page between now and this summer to get updates on everything that is happening and we hope to see you at camp this summer!

New and improved for 2015

One of the cornerstones of our Summer Camp is our clinics. Each week campers in our main camp villages (Bandits through Utopian/Ewoks) get to select three clinics.  These clinics provide an opportunity to try new activities, as well as increase their skill set in familiar activities. For this summer we are introducing a new system to provide more progressive clinics.  This system will focus both on what we are calling core areas such as land, water, adventure challenge, and crafts. Campers will be able to develop skills in each of these areas to receive awards for accomplishment.  In addition, campers will be able to work towards a progressive award based system by trying activities over a variety of areas to reach blue, red, green, or gold levels over multiple summers.

We know there are few ways that we can give our campers a better connection with the natural environment than through our lake and water based activities. The waterfront is a tool that we use to teach life skills such as swimming and boating. Last summer we reintroduced swim lessons for all red level swimmers (prior to this only Bandits were required to take swim lessons). We know that parents value the opportunity for their child to become better swimmers and in order for campers to participate in all of the activities offered at our waterfront they must advance from red, to yellow, to green bands.  Over the past few years we have invested over $100,000 in our waterfront with the addition of the new rope swing and docks, and this summer we will complete stage two of this project with the opening of Tt’s grotto.

Tt's Grotto

Tt’s Grotto

Construction of Tt’s grotto started in the fall of 2013 with the clearing of the wooded area around the waterfront. The project has been entirely funded by donations and is in memory of Taylor Manning. The majority of the work has been carried out by volunteers and our maintenance team.
Tt's Grotto under construction, Ribbon cutting scheduled for May 30th 2015
The project is due to be completed this Spring for a grand opening the weekend after Memorial Day. It will provide a play area at our waterfront for non-swimmers to become comfortable with lake water.

Stage 3 of our waterfront development will start this spring. We are currently raising additional funds to complete our waterfront redevelopment.

Camp Jewell's Waterfront of the Future

Camp Jewell’s Waterfront of the Future

By this summer we anticipate the addition of competitive swim lanes, in addition, this next stage will include a new area where our sailboats can be docked to allow for easier access. As we reach our funding goal, we will also add a new docking system for our canoes and kayaks to allow for easy access.
Camp Jewell's Waterfront of the Future includes Tt's Grotto a waterpark designed for non-swimmers to be able to build confidence interacting with the lake water, and a new Sailboat Dock that will keep the boats from running aground as inexperienced sailors learn the ropes!
Finally the addition of a Wet Willie water slide next to the boat house will provide another amazing addition to our waterfront. By the time this project is complete in 2016, we will have invested over $350,000 in waterfront improvements at camp.

Our Pledge to You

While campers are at the forefront of what we do at summer camp, the relationship that we have with parents—and the whole family—is important to the entire staff at camp. We know that whether it is a campers’ first time away from home or their tenth time at camp, communication is important. We pledge we will:

  • Offer your child a positive, safe and supportive community where kids make new friends, try new things and learn independence and other life skills.
  • Send an email from your child’s counselors within the first 72 hours of camp and a postcard after the end of the first week of camp letting you know how your child is doing.

  • Update our social media and blog with news as to what’s happening at camp several times each week.

  • Upload photos online daily, so you can see what your child and his/her friends are enjoying at camp. We want you to feel connected to the stories shared with you when the session is over.


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