While all of the staff a Camp Jewell know the benefits of camp, nothing speaks louder than what our campers and parents have to say…..

“This is the best summer camp ever. This is my second home, the place where I feel the safest, happiest, best. I have been coming to Camp Jewell for 4 years and loved it more each year I went back. The counselors are AMAZING and the people you will meet will stay with you your entire life. I would recommend this camp to anyone.”

“This is the 3rd year my daughter has attended Camp Jewell during the summer. The counselors and staff are amazing. My daughter loves it and no sooner do I see her at pickup, does she ask me to sign her up for next year. This year she went for 2 sessions and had a blast!

“My kids have gone to Jewell for many years. Their experiences there have shaped them. They have leaned valuable social skills which have prepared them for life. Their camp friends are their friends forever and they come from all all walks of life. Best money I have spent on their childhood experiences and they would agree! Camp Jewell is the best!”