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Riding Lessons, Philosophy and Style

Riding Lessons, Philosophy and Style

We believe that all riders whether beginner, intermediate or advanced should receive the same quality of instruction and attention to detail. This means from day one we teach our riders to ride in a sophisticated manner using their minds and bodies competently to provide a solid foundation to grow as riders.

Our lesson program provides instruction, fun and challenge to everyone from first time riders to those with years of experience. Our English riding lessons teach students to ride in a balanced seat emphasizing self awareness, effective use of the body, and understanding of the horse. This “all purpose” approach to riding will not only prompt better riding, but also a more harmonious relationship between horses and riders of all disciplines and levels of experience.

Each riding group rides at least once per day and frequently twice each day. There are 6-7 riders per group, each with its own instructor and an assistant present. Riding groups are determined by both age and ability.


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