UPDATED 6/10/22

Every year our Camp Jewell staff spend the entire off-season planning and preparing to make next summer better than the last. The last two years have taught us to be ready for anything. Since we are asking you to plan your next summer with us, we want to share as much as we can about our Covid safety precautions.

Camp Jewell follows all Covid-19 guidance from the CDC and State of Connecticut. In 2021, we went above and beyond that guidance to keep our community safe and healthy, but we recognize that led to a different kind of camp experience. As the situation evolves, so does the guidance. Therefore, as things change, we will keep all registered families updated.

Returning to normal for summer 2022:

  • Last year, we separated activities by “cabin groups”. This summer campers will once again we able to choose their own clinics (activities) each morning. In addition, we will see the return of activities that were not possible last summer and the addition of some new clinics! As such campers will get to spend time with other cabin groups, friends, and staff during the day!
  • We have a wide range of staff already hired including international staff that represent over 20 different countries! In addition, we have two additional directors hired and their entire focus will be on providing the best experience possible for your child.

Vaccinations: The Greater Hartford Y strongly encourages COVID vaccinations for everyone who is eligible, however a vaccination is not required to attend camp this summer.

Masks: Wearing a well-fitting mask consistently and correctly reduces the risk of spreading the virus that causes COVID-19. Any camper or staff who chooses to wear a mask will be supported in their decision to do.

Before Camp: Parents are asked to monitor their child for signs and symptoms of infectious disease prior to camp.  Please keep your child home from camp if they are sick.   We recommend that you limit exposure from people outside your household as much as possible for the 5 days prior to camp if your child is not vaccinated.

At Camp: Our staff will regularly monitor all campers for potential COVID symptoms.  If a camper is exhibiting symptoms, we will be able to do a rapid test on site with parental permission.

CDC Definition of Vaccination Status Update

The CDC uses three tiers for COVID-19 vaccination status:

  1. Up to date (with all eligible boosters)
  1. Fully vaccinated (having completed the primary series)
  1. Not vaccinated.

Vaccination status has important implications for who needs to quarantine when exposed to a case of COVID-19. Additionally, up-to-date status now applies to all ages five and older, who are now eligible for boosters.

Vaccination Status, Isolation, and Quarantine: It is important to note that all campers and staff who test positive for COVID-19 must isolate, regardless of vaccination status. Additionally, note that campers who are not up to date on COVID-19 vaccines need to quarantine after exposure, while those up to date on COVID-19 vaccines do not need to quarantine.

Below are some frequently asked questions that we hope will assist you as you prepare for camp.

Testing- ALL campers are required to have a negative test to attend camp. This can be either a PCR test, or an at home rapid test that must be done within 72 hrs of the start of the session. You will need to bring proof of your test result to camp. If doing a rapid test at home we recommend you do two, one a few days before camp and one the day you come to camp. Please bring the test with you clearly labelled with the date and your child’s name or a photo of the test.

What if my child tests positive right before camp? They will need to quarantine for 10 days (unvaccinated), or 5 days if vaccinated. The CDC recommends wearing a mask for 5 days following quarantine, but they will be able to attend camp if they are symptom free. Alternatively, you can switch sessions or get a refund of your fees (minus deposit) with a doctor’s note.

My camper has had Covid already- If your child has had covid within 90 days of the end of their session you do not need to do a test to attend camp, but you must provide proof that they were positive between 90 and 5 days prior to the start of the session. This can be a doctors note, or photo of the at home test taken that is labelled and dated. Campers who have had covid during this period do not need to quarantine if exposed.

What happens if my child tests positive while at camp? All campers who reside in the United States will need to be picked up if they test positive within 24 hours. Due to the quarantine period, we are unable to let them stay at camp, however they can return after 5 days if symptom free, or later in the summer if we have space. We will prorate any refund of camp fees for days missed.

My camper is coming to camp for multiple sessions. If they leave and come back, do they need to test? We will not require a test for them to return if they have been home 24 hours or less. We do again recommend you limit activities with people outside of your household.

Does my camper need to bring masks with them to camp?  We recommend all families pack 20-30 disposable masks should your camper choose to wear one, or should one be needed.

Are the camp staff vaccinated? Yes, all staff at camp are required to be fully vaccinated to work this summer.

The pandemic has taught us how to adapt and keep the spirit of Jewell alive. If the guidance changes, we are confident in our ability to continue creating a safe and unforgettable summer for your camper. Our goal is to provide as normal a camp experience as is possible.

If you have any questions, please email us directly at camp.jewell@ghymca.org