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Case World

case2Case McCrea is a huge part of the history and story that is Camp Jewell YMCA. If you spent time here in the 1980s and 1990s you are among the thousands of campers, staff and guests who were impacted by Case’s humor, passion for life and genuine caring. The bonzo block, Case World, muklucks, wearing shorts in winter, drinking from a stainless steel cup, Minnesota Twins baseball hats … it is with ease that we conjure a picture in our mind of Case’s presence at camp.

Case passed away suddenly in September, leaving a legacy at many places and with many people. To memorialize him we are building CASE WORLD here at Camp Jewell. Consisting of two platform tents along the bank of Triangle Lake, CASE WORLD will feature bunks, an elaborate firepit, bonzo blocks and an outdoor shower. Its design and design elements will be in keeping with Case’s style, and when you visit you will recognize it as a place Case might have created and built himself. Available Spring, Summer and Fall, the tents will be housing for CJ alumni looking to stay a night or two at camp to reminisce and reconnect with friends and camp memories.

We are asking for your help, in monetary donations and/or by giving of your time, to be part of the community that builds Case World. Our goal is $25,000, please consider making a donation today





Volunteer Work Dates

Sat. January 14              Furniture Making
Sun. January 29             Furniture Making
Sat. February 4               Furniture Making
Sat. February 25             Platform and Roof construction
Sat. March 18                  Platform and Roof construction
Sat. April 1                       Platform and Roof construction
Work Weekend April 7-9  Shower and Kitchenette Construction
Sat. April 29                     Shower and Kitchenette Construction
Sat. May 6                       Decorating, Lighting, and Finishing Touches
Sun. May 21                     Decorating, Lighting, and Finishing Touches

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