A campers story


We've shared a lot of stories in the past about counselors, staff, volunteers and other Camp Jewell superstars, and now we're going to start sharing camper stories. There's something extra special about the way they talk about camp, their time at camp and what Camp Jewell means to them. Our first one is about a

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CAMP JEWELL’S OUTDOOR CENTER Home to Environmental Education, Teambuilding & Recreation


Thousands of campers and counselors have had life-changing experiences through our summer camp programs, but not everyone knows that even more children—alongside their classmates, youth group peers and families—have explored camp  through our educational programs teambuilding and recreation programs. Each school group comes to Camp Jewell with its own unique set of goals and objectives

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Volunteer of the year


All of what we do at Camp Jewell is rooted in the relationships we create with others—staff, campers, families and our volunteers. Joy Shure, Nature’s Classroom (N.C.) Program Coordinator at Camp Jewell, has helped to bring the N.C. staff and camp staff together as a community. It’s for that reason and more that Joy was

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A Father’s Journal / A splashy tribute in memory of a ‘medium’ girl


From the Fairfield Citizen By Thomas Lawlor | May 28, 2014 Camp Jewell in Colebrook has played a big part in generations of Fairfield County children. Amy Toth Geckler of Fairfield went there as a child with her dad, Louis Toth, as part of the Indian Princess program run by the Fairfield YMCA. A generation

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Unplug and Disconnect


One of the many questions we get from parents is why we don't allow electronics at summer camp. There are many reasons why we have this policy but the primary reason is that we want to give our campers the opportunity to disconnect from technology and give them the chance to reconnect with each other.

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Kathie’s 30th Anniversary


The year 2013 marked Kathie Reese’s 30th anniversary working at Camp Jewell, where for 29 of those years she’s served as our office manager. Responsible for all aspects of running the office, camper registration, coordinating the employment paperwork of all our seasonal employees and more, Kathie’s done an incredible job keeping everything running smoothly and

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CREC Partnership


We are excited to announce Camp Jewell YMCA has partnered with the Capitol Region Education Council (CREC) in an effort to bring more than 100 students from CREC’s magnet schools to camp this summer on scholarship. “Because of the success we had in bringing 10 CREC students to camp last summer, we wanted to expand

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Women’s Retreat


If you’re one of many women who would like a weekend away to relax, rejuvenate and spend time reconnecting with friends and the natural environment, we have the perfect program to make that happen for you! In addition to all of the year-round youth and family programs we offer, we set aside two weekends a

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Alumni Winterfest


The 25 alumni and their families who came for WINTERFEST in January were met with fresh snow and lots of fun winter activities! Our annual winter alumni gathering gave camp friends a chance to connect, check out photos from our archives and enjoy all the camp has to offer. Our next big alumni event at

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