How to be a Professional


As a staff member at Camp Jewell, my shirt says that I am a “professional role model”. This is a huge responsibility that I love to live up to every day. Being surrounded by other “professional role models” and truly enjoying the job I wake up to in the morning, it makes it easy to

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Investing in Your Child’s Future


Education is a priority for most parents, ensuring their child has a solid academic foundation to help them succeed. It can be a huge financial drain with parents struggling to find funds to ensure their children receive the best possible education. Some families are able to—and do—invest large sums of money into private schooling, even

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Alumni Spotlight- Paul Berkel


It was the dead of winter in 1973 when Paul Berkel and his wife, Jeri, first came to Camp Jewell. There was so much snow on Route 183 leading up to camp there were barely two lanes open. They walked around camp with Allen Beavers, executive director at the time, and were shown the apartment

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In the fall of 1991 I embarked on the second phase of my journey, travelling through the vast country of USA, full of excitement and ambition to experience as many opportunities, meet as many people and to capture all the beauty for a lifetime of memories. It was a simple plan. To travel to Camp


Happy New Year


The start of a new year is always a great time not only to reflect on what you have accomplished, but also to look forward to the year ahead.  As a parent of two boisterous kids who have camp as their backyard, I often think about the impact that camp has on them. Like all parents, I worry about what

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My Y in 6 Words


Recently the staff at camp were challenged to  describe what camp means to them in 6 words! It's amazing what they came up with, now we wonder what does camp mean to you?

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To all our Staff


Dear Camp Jewell Staff, It is hard to conceptualize what has been accomplished after a summer at Camp Jewell YMCA. We are not a factory where you can measure input and output. Even great efforts, like organizing an all-camp activity or turning around the most homesick of campers can go unrecognized in the hustle and

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Camryn Libes


The first year I came to Camp Jewell I was with a group of my friends from home. They had come before and knew I was outdoorsy so they thought I’d like it. I enjoyed it so much the first words out of my mouth when I saw my mom at pick up were “Can I come for two sessions next year?”

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What Camp Jewell means to me!


Jacob is a Jedi this session and was eager to tell his story. You may have already seen him and not realized it: we've used a photo of him climbing Mt. Wood  on several of our marketing materials. Also known as "Porkchop" at camp, Jacob has an awesome story! What does camp mean to me?

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There’s just so much fun stuff to do!


Here's another camp story from a 12-year-old Utopian named Phoebe who LOVES camp! Camp Jewell is fun, exciting and it’s the best time of your life. This is my fourth year here and it’s my first time staying for two sessions and it’s the best. I know a lot of kids get homesick, but I

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