Tt’s Grotto

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The Camp Jewell waterpark has been a project that has been dreamed about for a long time.  The staff and volunteers of camp have worked hard to provide a water experience for kids over the years that would suit the needs of all kids with the lake facilities that we have.  There has long been a push by some to have camp build a pool, more kids would swim in a pool and we could teach more swim lessons if we had a pool.  On the flip side of that argument is the notion that if we had a pool no one would ever go in the lake anymore, and that swimming in a lake brings kids closer to nature and should be part of the camp experience.

As we looked at our long range strategic site plan, the compromise was to build a waterpark that would use the lake water but allow kids to interact with the water in a more comfortable and familiar environment as a stepping stone to getting into the lake.  This project was one of many projects on a long list of priorities, until two years ago when the Manning family came forward wanting to build the facility in memory of their 13 year old daughter Taylor who had unexpectedly passed away.

The facility consists of 3 ponds, each less than a foot deep. Water is pumped from the lake and runs through the ponds and back into the lake. A series of waterfalls and jets will move the water through the feature. The park is located between Centennial Lodge and the existing beach area of the waterfront.

Picture11Special Thanks go out to the Manning Family.