Part of what helps keep Camp Jewell YMCA running is the generosity of others. Volunteers give of their time and Annual Campaign supporters give of the financial resources. And there’s another type of donor that often gets less recognition—those are our community partners that give us hand-me-downs of supplies that they are no longer using but that have life still left in them.

The Berkshire School in nearby Sheffield, Massachusetts is one of our community partners. Norm Button, camp’s property manager, had a relationship with the school and reached out to see if they had anything they were no longer using and wanted to share with camp. And they did!

The Berkshire School has donated a pool table and chairs that now make their home in the Trading Post, as well as solid oak furniture from their dormitories.

The trickle down from Berkshire School’s ongoing gifts is that Norm, Peter, Erik and the rest of our maintenance team have managed to recycle and reuse the old furniture that the donation replaced.

Thanks to the generous donation from the Berkshire School we have wardrobes we’ve used to help organize our program areas, desks that we have placed throughout camp. The beds sent our way have allowed us to replace the homemade bunks we previously used to convert lodge and conference space into temporary living areas during the summer camp season.

At the end of the day, our success is built on the connections we make with other people—volunteers, staff, campers, Outdoor Center groups and our community partners. Special thanks to our friends at the Berkshire School for thinking of us and reaching out to us when they have something to share with us.