When was the last time you saw a group of kids meditating and practicing yoga at Camp Jewell? Jack Burke, our Argo coordinator, stumbled upon exactly that just last week…

A new summer has brought with it a new yoga and meditation clinic lead by both Dennis Mulvena and Lilly Holmes. Neither of the two are new to Camp Jewell though there passion and desire to create this new addition to camp has met immediate success. Together they have created an opportunity for campers to experience something new through connecting mind, body and spirit while at the same time becoming closer to nature and the surrounding outdoors.

This clinic first stole my attention last week as I was walking past Tt’s Grotto and couldn’t help but notice a group of campers meditating around one of the pools with their feet in the water. Camp’s schedule is full and exciting and its fast pace can be hard to escape, so to find a relaxed, almost soothing atmosphere amongst the noise was not only interesting to see but really exciting and incredibly beautiful.

I am really excited to experience this clinic as it is something I have yet to try. I’m also looking forward to learning what will be included and what other areas Dennis and Lilly will find at camp to bring on the calm!

Meditation Clinic