Jacob is a Jedi this session and was eager to tell his story. You may have already seen him and not realized it: we’ve used a photo of him climbing Mt. Wood  on several of our marketing materials. Also known as “Porkchop” at camp, Jacob has an awesome story!

What does camp mean to me? It is a place to escape from the real world, to make new friends, to have fun and to create memories to last a lifetime. At camp nobody cares who you were before camp, whether you have a rough life or a good one, because at camp everyone is equal. You don’t need expensive clothes or nice hair to fit in, all you need is to be yourself.

My first year at camp was my 5th-6th grade summer. I was an Argo. My favorite memory was hiking up Sunrise Mountain. It was my first time going to the top with camp and I will always remember the view. We talked about Greek Mythology, camp, school and a variety of other topics and just relaxed there.

From Ewoks to LITs, I have always been excited for Capture the Flag. There are six Frisbees on two sides of the field, and each team has to capture the other team’s disk. It is by far one of the best camp traditions and the most fun one. Almost all of the kids and counselors love to play it.

The best program here at camp (I think) is the Senior trips program. You can go on a hike trip, a bike trip and a canoe trip. I have done all three trips and remember them all crystal clear. I have climbed/hiked up five mountains on the Appalachian Trail, I have biked to Tolland State Forest and canoed rivers. I have gotten so close to everybody on my trips and will never forget them. You bond so much over the trips, and I wish I could do them all again.

The point is, Camp Jewell means a lot to me. I have been here for five years and have experienced so many unique things and met so many unique people. I could not have met these people, done these things or created the family that is here anywhere else. Camp Jewell is more than just a two-week or 6-week vacation. Jewell is a place where I can be myself. Jewell is my second home.