Here’s another camp story from a 12-year-old Utopian named Phoebe who LOVES camp!

Camp Jewell is fun, exciting and it’s the best time of your life.

This is my fourth year here and it’s my first time staying for two sessions and it’s the best. I know a lot of kids get homesick, but I love it here so much and I’m doing so many fun things I don’t have a chance to think about being homesick.

I like coming back every year because camp is a place where you can be yourself. It’s not always like that at home and that’s one reason I like camp so much. Here you can just be who you are and everyone will respect that. When I’m at camp I spend a lot of time with my friends sharing things about myself and we are focused on getting really close. When I’m at home I’m a little quieter, but here I’m comfortable sharing more about myself and who I really am, and that’s OK because everyone else is doing the same thing.

I have a lot of fun at camp. Last session we did Gold Rush and I loved playing with my friends and letting my competitive side come out, too. This year I’ve tried mountain boarding for the first time and I like it. At first I was kind of scared because it’s a little dangerous, and then I got the hang of it and it showed me a part of myself that I didn’t know I had.

I tell all my friends at home about camp and how great it is and that they should try it. Some of my friends from home have come and not really liked it and some of them have. This session there’s a friend of mine from home here in another cabin and we have a great time when we’re together and when we’re apart. I just love it here so much I want to share it with other people.

I want to keep trying new things every year that I’m at camp. There’s always something new to try when I come back each summer. I’ve been really close with all of my counselors and I want to be a counselor one day. I want to be able to share with my campers all the things my counselors have shared with me.